Middle Child

middle child

The middle child is always known to be the one that gets the least attention. Being in between siblings, the middle child must strive to fit in. The middle child is also seen as the mediator, the one who keeps everyone get along together and tend to be more agreeable than both older and younger siblings.

Strengths of the Middle Child

There are a lot of highly successful middle children, here are some of the reasons why they’re natural achievers.


Not receiving much attention in the family, middle borns tend to seek attention from friends. The middle child often has a lot of friends, or at least some good ones. As a result, they are often seen as the friendly kid that is agreeable to most people.


Middle children do not get the equal amount of attention like the first or last borns. That’s why in order to compensate for this; they strive really hard to be recognized. They are natural achievers and most likely to have the most awards than their siblings.


Being always in between siblings, middle children have the responsibility to handle conflicts. Middle children are negotiators of the family; they have to put their interpersonal skills to practice in order to pull this off. Being the mediator, they are also often to be seen calm, neutral and agreeable to everyone.

Challenges of Being the Middle Child

Why are middle children often seen as troublesome? Here are some causes:

Lack of Attention

Middle children do not get enough attention and support from their parents. As a result, they usually feel less important than their siblings. They will develop a sense of insecurity and identity crisis that might lead to depression. There are also many cases where they develop childhood issues that may hold them back in the future.

Black Sheep of the Family

Also because of not receiving much attention, middle children will try anything just to be noticed. Although they are usually not aware of it, they misbehave intentionally to be recognized. They get detention often and are always seen to be the black sheep of the family. Being closer to friends than family, they also tend to lock themselves up in their rooms or sleep over at a friend’s house.

People Pleaser

Middle borns need to be agreeable to fit in the family and sometimes to the extent that they try to please everyone. While trying to please everyone might not seem bad or negative, it is seen by other people as not having your own opinion, just going with the flow and lacking in assertiveness. This can make them lose self-confidence and be jealous over others.

Things that can help the Middle Child

Middle children need special care. Being the least favored kid in the family, they need to be guided and nurtured properly. If middle children continue to get unnoticed in the family, it will lead them to confusion, insecurity and expose them to a high risk of depression.

Proper parenting must be observed to prevent them from having any childhood issues. Parents must also seek out to communicate with their child, offering them advice and support in whatever they do. There’s also a known tendency that middle children have their own families at a young age, so parents should be aware of this and prevent their middle child from making rash decisions.

Famous Middle Children


Bill GatesMadonna

Warren BuffettAnne Hathaway
Donald Trump

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