First Born

first born

The first born is the most exciting child of all. Being the first kid of the family, he is usually the center of attention. He gets all the nice stuff, brand new clothes, toys or maybe even cars. As the result of being first born, he gets undivided attention from his parents for a nice time until a second child is born.

Strengths of the First Born

Being the first born has a lot of advantages, here are some of them.


The first born child is the prize of the family. He gets top quality parenting and all the attention he needs. His parents, being all excited about their first child, will give him everything he needs to excel, quality education, excellent environment or even advanced classes that can make him smarter, stronger and most likely to develop decisive qualities to help him succeed in life.


The first born often gets full attention and support in the things he does. Every time he accomplishes something, his parents will be very excited and reward him for it. Because of this, first borns are often confident, always having his parents to back him up.

Natural Leader

The first born, also being the eldest child is expected to take care of his siblings. In result of being the smartest and the go-to-guy, the first born will often tend to take charge. This gives him a high chance of having managerial or other high level positions in his chosen career.

Challenges of Being the First Born

And of course, there are also drawbacks to being the first born.

Fear of Failure

Being the first can be quite intimidating. Parents usually push the child to achieve, sometimes even pouring their own frustrations on the child. This gives him a sense of fear; what if he lets his parents down or doesn’t live up to the expectations? If this fear of failure is left unchecked, it may come back to haunt him in the future.


First borns, being afraid of failure, often prefer the safe path. This means that they usually take the safe and at times, the boring road, instead of taking risks and being creative. They would prefer organizations with strict structures and work long hours to get that promotion. This sort of inflexibility is not really a bad thing for them, but being overly close-minded will make them less friendly and undesirable.


Being the eldest has a lot of perks, you get all things new, but there’s always a catch, you also get all the responsibilities. Having to take care of his siblings, the first born child is burdened with the task of being an adult at a young age. He won’t be able to act like a child for long because he needs to be a good model for his brothers and sisters. This kind of behavior, taking charge of everything around them, often gives others an impression of being bossy.

Things that can help the First Born

The first born child, being the most loved and cherished child in the family does not need any sort of special parenting care. Having high self-esteem and a solid set of skills, they will be achievers by themselves, but it won’t hurt to help them at each step on the way.

First borns are afraid of failure. This is something that you have to always keep in mind. If they fail at something, be it at school or at work, make sure you comfort them. Make it clear that everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are opportunities to better themselves. If they’re down, encourage them and make them feel better. In their early years, first borns are also burdened with a lot of pressure. You can help by properly communicating with them; make them understand that you are in charge, so they can also enjoy being kids.

Famous First Borns

Sylvester Stalloneoprah winfreyzac efronHillary Clintondakota fanning

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