Birth Order

birth order

Did you ever wonder why you’re so different from your siblings? You have the same genetics, the same environment, and the same family, so what is it that makes you so different from them? Truth is there are a lot of things that make you different and unique. One of those things and probably the most important is birth order.

What is Birth Order?

Birth order is defined as your rank by age among your siblings. It was an Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler who was one of the first to suggest that birth order does affect personality. While his theory was mostly met by controversy and disbelief, which was due to the difficulty of controlling variables in research, birth order still shows consistent results in terms of affecting an individual’s personality.

The Birth Order Personalities

Birth order can generally be classified into four groups, first child, middle child, last child, and only child. These groups, as we can see later on, can develop different sets of personalities.

Everyone has a birth order, and chances are, you have certain personality traits that were influenced by your birth order. Check out the following descriptions and choose the group that describes you best. It doesn’t have to match everything about you, just pick the one you feel best suits you.

A – You are a perfectionist, organized and conscientious individual. People often see you as the leader, with strong drive and determination. You get good grades and you don’t like surprises.

B – You are a mediator. You prefer to compromise and avoid conflicts; some people might even see you as a people pleaser. You’re very sensitive to what others are feeling and you’re very loyal to your friends.  Although you might be seen as one who has a considerable number of friends, you consider yourself to be a secretive person and feel like you do not get enough attention at all.

C – You are an affectionate person. You love to charm people and maybe even manipulate them. You consider yourself to be the center of attention, and you often blame others for many things. You are creative, spontaneous, free-spirited and you love surprises.

D – You are mature beyond your years. You are an achiever and self-motivated, you have very high expectations for yourself. You are afraid of failing at things and you’re more comfortable around people who are older than you.

Yes, you guessed it right. These are the characteristics of the birth order groups, with A being the first child, B the middle child, C the last child and D the only child. Most probably, the descriptions lead you to your birth order. If not, then you would still have noticed some traits that described you well. In my case, I’m the last child and I found C and D to be very accurate in describing myself. How about you, did you find it helpful or was it completely wrong? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Birth order is a very strong factor in determining an individual’s personality, but it’s not fool proof. While it can give us rough impressions of the different groups, it is not at all simple and involves tens if not hundreds of other factors. Some of these factors include the number of years between siblings, the gender of each child, the birth order of the parents, the health of the relationship of the parents, or when there’s death, adoption or sickness problems within the family.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that may influence how family members take on their roles, so you can’t treat birth order as a simple static thing that exists in families, rather think of it as a dynamic, changing and evolving set of traits and roles that is vital in a family.

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